Prefectural park in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture “Odawarasuwanoharakouen”. It is the introduction of the long roller slide here and there. The area called “familiar zone”, there is a gentle slope with good prospects. Have enshrined also 169 meters of a long slide in the center, the figure is a big impact has hit a certain conspicuous. Moreover, not only large, speed get off to slip thrill at good speed. I think It is the subjectivity of me, but maybe, and I think we are the fastest roller slide in Japan. It is going to be worried about me? “Not it dangerous I slide that such speed is,” but, because apparently could lend me the gloves and mats laid on the ass, worry is unlikely to be so. However, roller slide care must be taken so (9:00 to 16:00 in winter) 9:00 to 16:30 time management is not decided. (I want to avoid the punch line and it did not Subere When you have made the evening.)
It is that this park I mean expanding currently also a feature, and will also 65 hectares of the vast park in the end. It is going to be a park to be able to enjoy more and more variety of play equipment and facilities are added now.