211m slide/Saihakugun Houki-cho/Tottori

In the Hoki-cho, Tottori Prefecture “Oni-kko Land”. There is a long slide in the park, which is attached to it. “Oni-kko Land” I seems to have been a theme park there are exhibits about the “demon”, but I have closed down now. And, also for the park, which is the hotel’s play equipment such as the possible use is limited. It is also to prevent long roller slide is no exception, and slip only from the middle. I think still, both adults and children to enjoy a sufficient length.
Features of this slide is probably the height of the start position to say the least! I think that view is also, very well, the speed of the roller slide also no early, no late, because the speed comfortable, it’s slide that you can slip comfortably. Just because it seems not performed, such as lending a mat laid on the ass, I seem to be better that you bring.
Since near theme park of flowers “Tottorihanakairou” Sounds good to stop by and a set with there. Even so, the contents of the exhibition “Oni-kko Land” I’m anxious to know the …


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